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It is so easy to sit on the conveyor belt of life and follow the course it takes – much more exciting to jump off and have an adventure! In 2003 that’s exactly what we did. Speaking no Spanish at all we headed off to Andalucia for two years with our 3 children and the intention of building a house, learning the language and immersing ourselves in local Spanish life.

It was a huge challenge but well worth it. Having begun to learn the language we bought 30 acres of land with a large cow barn and, incredibly luckily, very quickly got planning permission to build a beautiful home.

With a number of olive trees on the land we started to pick the olives each year and add them to the village oil – our olives, along with olives from Miguel, Paco, Ana and all the other locals (some of whom still bring their olives from their fincas to the village by mule!) are then pressed by Rafael at the ‘cooperativa del pueblo’ – a trip to Casarabonela during harvest time is well worth it just to watch …….. from that came “Fino”.

In July 2016, after 12 years of great fun for both ourselves and so many others, we decided to sell the house. Happily our link with Casarabonela carries on as Fino continues to sell the delicious olive oil produced in the village where we have had such happy times.